2010 Annual Meeting
of the ESA

June, x-y, 2010

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Proceedings of the 2015 ESA Annual Meeting on Electrostatics
June 16‐18, 2015
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Conference Chair: Keith Forward, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Technical Program Chair: Peter Ireland, University of Newcastle, Australia

A. Contact Charging and Triboelectric Effects I

A1. Z.L Wang, Triboelectric nanogenerator – a new energy technology.

A2. M. Holonga, A. Wang, D.J. Lacks, R. M.Sankaran, Effects of plastic deformation on triboelectric charging.


A4. D. Adame, J. Goh, A. Shell, A. Wasson, D.C. Parks, K.M. Forward, Environmental and Hydrophilic Effects on the Triboelectric Charging of Insulator Materials.

A5. A. Sayyah, M.N. Horenstein, M. Mazumder, Functional analysis of electrodynamic screen.


B. Gas Discharges and Microplasma

B1. P. Rumbach, R.M. Sankaran, D.M. Bartels, D.B. Go, Direct Optical Measurements of Solvated Electrons at a Plasma-liquid Interface.

B2. Withdrawn

B3. J. Podlinski, A. Berendt, J. Mizeraczyk, Time-Resolved Investigations of Electrohydrodynamic Flow Evolution in Needle-to-Plate Positive Corona Discharge.

B4. M.J. Johnson, M. MacDonald, D.B. Go, Low Voltage Ionic Wind Generation using Piezoelectric Transformers.

B5. J.R. Toth, D.J. Lacks, R.M. Sankaran, Direct conversion of methane by an atmospheric-pressure dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) microplasma.

B6. P. Dordizadeh, K. Adamiak, G.S.P. Castle, Numerical simulation of Trichel pulses in air for the needle-plane geometry.


C. Measurements and Instrumentation

C1. M. Murtomaa, J. Peltonen, J. Salonen, Coaxial induction probe: theory and measurements.

C2. J. Peltonen, M. Murtomaa, J. Salonen, Simulating a coaxial induction probe for measuring the charge, size and distance of a passing object.

C3. M. NorasUse of non-contacting electric and magnetic field sensors in operation and health monitoring of power grids.

C4. S. Banerjee, S.J. McCarty, E.F. Nelsen, Exact and approximate expressions for the force between a charged conducting sphere and infinite grounded plane.


D. Breakdown, Safety and Hazards

D1. K. Robinson, Static Control for a Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Process.

D2. M.S. Moonesan, S. Jayaram, E. Cherney, Effect of Temperature and Humidity on Surface Discharges under High Voltage Unipolar Pulses.

E. Biological and Medical Applications I

E1. W. Mike Arnold, Improved biological membrane measurements from diverse populations of cells.

E2. R. Sundararajan, A. Natarajan, Curcumin-Encapsulated Nanoparticles delivery aided with electrical pulses to treat aggressive breast cancer cells.

E3. T. Han, G. Mainelis, Development of Electrostatics-based Collectors to Capture Biological Aerosols.

E4. F. Islam, K. Linck, J. Rodriguez, N. Rodriguez, K.M. Forward,Free Surface Electrospinning of Microemulsions Containing Vitamin E.

F. Electrically-induced Flows and Electrokinetics

F1. L. Yeo, From Electrostatics to Piezoelectrics: A Decade-Long Journey in the Development of Microscale Centrifugation and Lab-on-a-Disc Platforms.

F2. A. Ieta, J. D’Antonio, M. Chirita, P. D’Antonio, Harnessing corona wind for electrostatic motors.

F3. C. Buhler, The strange world of Magnetic Currents.

F4. M. Ghazanchaei, K. Adamiak, G. S.P. Castle, Investigation on dielectric barrier discharge actuator to control airflow boundary layer.

F5. M. Reznikov, M. Salazar, M. Lopez, M. Rivera-Sustache, Electrically enhanced harvesting of water vapor from the air.


G. Contact Charging and Triboelectric Effects II                            

G1. E. Van Cleve, E.W. Wong, C.G. Camara, Measurements of the effect of strain on contact electrification.

G2. X. Shen, D.J. Lacks, Contact charging between insulators: A theoretical study.

G3. V. Lee, S.R. Waitukaitis, M.Z. Miskin, H.M. Jaeger, Direct Observation of Particle Interactions and Clustering in Charged Granular Streams.

G4. T. Matsuyama, A. Murakami, J. Ida, H. Yamamoto, Charge relaxation between polymer and metal surface during separation process after contact.

G5. D. Song, P. Mehrani, Influence of fluidizing operating pressure on the extent of polyethylene resin electrostatic charging.

G6. A.E. Wang, D.J. Lacks, R.M. Sankaran, Contact Charging Studies of Single Crystal Insulators.


H. Electrospinning and Materials Processing I

H1. K. Woodrow, Sustaining drug release from electrospun antiviral fibers.

H2. M.Paredes, C.J. Angammana, S.H. Jayaram, Modeling the role of Interphase in Silica filled Silicone Nanocomposites.

H3. T. Hogarth, R. Ferrer III, M. Haw, D. Deck, A. Rashidi, B. Hensley, K.M. Forward, Free Surface Electrospun Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membranes for Direct Contact Membrane Distillation.

H4. B.Y. Decker, S. Calderon, Y.X. Gan, Thermoelectric property of bismuth telluride filled silicone processed under high-voltage electric field.

H5. A. Sayyah, M.N. Horenstein, M. Mazumder, Experimental investigation of influential parameters in the dust particles’ charge in electrodynamic screen application.

H6. V.R. Medinilla, F. Oei, C.V. Jimenez, S. Vargas, K.M. Forward, Development of Ceramic Metal Oxide Membranes by means of Reactive Electrospinning.


I. Atmospheric and Space Applications 

I1. D. Stevenson, D. Pettit, Electrostatic Model Applied to ISS Charged Water Droplet Experiment.

I2. M. Adachi, T. Kojima, H. Kawamoto, Electrostatic Sampler for Collecting Large Regolith Particles on Asteroids.

I3. J.M. Crowley, Formulas for force on an insulative sphere near a conductive wall.

I4. J.S. Méndez Harper, J. Dufek, Volcanic lightning: The effects of fracto-emission and triboelectric charging.

J. Biological and Medical Applications II

J1. W.M. ArnoldMembrane properties of giant cells formed by electrofusion.

J2. T. Hao, R. Leopold, M. Browne, J. Huss, H. Chaillier, M. Moyer, Electrostatic Properties of Botanical Extracts: A Preliminary Investigation.

J3. R. Sarathi, S. Rayala, P. Kumar, C. Vignesh, R. Sundararajan, Arresting the uncontrolled growth of Pancreatic cancer cells using Electrical pulses and low dose Cytotoxic agent.

K. Electrospinning and Materials Processing II

K1. I. Bhattacharyya, G.C. Rutledge, Developing Electrospinning for Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals.

K2. S. Wijesuriya, K. Burugapalli, R. Mackay, W. Balachandran,Insoluble electrospun membranes for analyte pre-concentration in saliva.

L. Electrically-induced Flows and Electrokinetics II 

L1. M.S. June, Flow and Efficiency Measurement for Ionic Air Moving Devices, and a Call to Collaboration

L2. I. Krichtafovitch, A. Mamishev, Visualization of dust collection and particle trajectories on porous collecting electrodes.

The ESA thanks Mystic Tan and Trek, Inc. for their sponsorship of the conference