2010 Annual Meeting
of the ESA

June, x-y, 2010

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Venues for the annual meetings of the ESA:

1968 Whiteface Mtn., NY

1971 Albany, NY (Founding meeting with Am. Meteor. Soc.)

1973 London, Ontario, Canada (Univ. of Western Ontario)

1974 Albany, NY

1975 Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan)

1976 Pittsburgh, PA

1977 Boston, MA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

1978 Columbus, OH

1979 Rochester, NY (Rochester Institute of Technology)
1980 Plainville, NY

1981 Milwaukee, WI

1982 Indianapolis, IN

1983 Troy, NY (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

1984 Dayton, OH

1985 Philadelphia, PA
1986 Boston MA (Boston University)
1987 Westlake, OH

1988 Palo Alto, CA (Stanford University)

1989 Lake Placid, NY

1990 Minneapolis, MN

1991 Boston, MA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
1992 Indianapolis, IN

1993 London, Ontario, Canada (Univ. of Western Ontario)

1994 Palo Alto, CA (Stanford University)

1995 Rochester, NY (University of Rochester)

1996 Milwaukee, WI

1997 Athens, GA (University of Georgia)

1998 Palo Alto, CA (Stanford University)

1999 Boston, MA (Boston University)

2000 St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada (Brock University)

2001 East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University)

2002 Evanston, IL (Northwestern University)

2003 Little Rock, AR (University of Arkansas; Joint Meeting with IEEE-IAS/EPC)

2004 Rochester, NY (Rochester Institute of Technology)

2005 Edmonton, Alberta Canada (University of Alberta)

2006 Berkeley, CA (University of California; Joint Meeting with IEEE-IAS/EPC)

2007 West Lafayette, IN (Purdue University)

2008 Minneapolis, MN

2009 Boston, MA (Boston University; Joint Meeting with IEEE-IAS/EPC)

2010 Charlotte, NC (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

2011 Cleveland, OH (Case Western Reserve University)

2012 Cambridge, Ontario Canada (University of Waterloo)

2013 Cocoa Beach, FL (NASA Kennedy)

2014 Notre Dame, IN (University of Notre Dame)

2015 Pomona, CA (Cal Poly Pomona)

2016 West Lafayette, IN (Purdue University)

2017 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (University of Ottawa)

2018 Boston, MA (Boston University; Joint Conference)

2019 Rochester, NY